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Win a $60 Registration to the Holistic LDS Living Conference

The Holistic LDS LIving Conference has a mission: to help all people draw closer to Christ by discovering His hidden treasures of knowledge for the health and healing of the mind, body and spirit.

If you’d like to enter to win a free admission to the conference (a $60 value), just leave a comment below, telling us why you would like to attend. The permabloggers at Mormon Momma will choose the top 10 responders and have a random winner selected from among those entries.

Please only comment if you would actually attend or could give the award to someone who would attend. Comments will close on May 31, 2011.

Mormon Momma is not a sponsor of, nor associated with, this conference. We are simply passing on information that may be of interest to our readers.

Conference Details

Date: Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm

Place: Paradigm High School

Address: 11577 S 3600 W, South Jordan, Utah

Conference Classes

  • 10 Changes You Can Make Right Now for a Healthier You!
  • Acupuncture: An LDS Perspective
  • All About GRAINS!
  • All Stressed Up and No Place to Go
  • Allergies: Nothing to Sneeze At
  • Backyard Beekeeping
  • Backyard Chickens
  • Backyard Goats
  • Balancing Female Hormones
  • Bio Dynamic Gardening — Cosmic Influences on Plant Growth
  • Bio Dynamic Gardening — Creating Homeopathics for Your Plants
  • Bio Dynamic Gardening — Saving Heirlooms and Holistic Nutrition
  • Cash, Cars, and College
  • Colon Cleansing: It’s All About the Chemistry
  • Creating a Magical Space Where Children Love to Learn
  • Creating Balance and Harmony in the Body with Salt
  • Depression and the Orchestra of Hormones (Thyroid and Adrenal)
  • Devotional and Family Reading Time: Foundations for Raising Virtuous Children
  • Ditching Debt: 3 Simple Steps for Financial Stress Relief
  • Ease on Down Weight Balance Program
  • Energy Healing from a Gospel Perspective
  • Essential Oils to the Rescue!
  • Family Meals: Kid Tested and Mother Approved
  • Fermenting Food: A New, Old Way to Preserve Food and Increase Nutrition
  • Finding Health Through Covenant Keeping
  • Food as Medicine
  • Foundations of Medicine
  • From the Comfort Zone to the Miracle Zone
  • Getting Centered
  • Healing Your DNA — What’s in YOUR Genes?
  • Hypothyroidism Type 2, Is It Epidemic?
  • Inspired Nutrition Part 1: Making Peace with Food Using the Word of Wisdom
  • Inspired Nutrition Part 2: Making Peace with Food Using the Word of Wisdom
  • Inspiring a Love for Learning in the Hearts of Our Children
  • Laws and Their Counterfeits
  • Molecules of Genius
  • Molecules of Happiness
  • Money…It’s Not Just for Rich People! Dealing with the Emotional Barriers to Wealth
  • Naturals Medicines: First Choice or an Afterthought?
  • Principel Based, Powerful Parenting
  • Reading, Writing…or Relationships: Why Educations Starts with Heart
  • Sessions of Healing — Living Your Mission to the Fullest Part 1
  • Sessions of Healing — Living Your Mission to the Fullest Part 2
  • Tai Chi Flow
  • The Childhood Vaccinations Controversy
  • The Omnivore’s Dilemma: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly About American Food
  • The Perfect Trifecta: Using Herbs, Essential Oils, and Energy Work for Maternal and Family Health
  • There’s an Essential Oil for That!
  • Understanding the Power of “Weak” Things
  • Weight Control, Depression, and Immune Function: The Role of Omega 3 & 6 Essential Fatty Acids
  • Women and Their Power to Heal
  • Women’s Health Issues
  • You Are What You Assimilate: A Healthy Bowel Means a Healthy Probiotic Garden, a Key to Great Health

Conference Speakers

  • Antoinette Mantandon
  • Carolyn Cooper
  • Cristie B. Gardner
  • Danielle Daniels
  • Diann Jeppson
  • F. Fuller Royal
  • Dr. Gibson (does the guy have a first name?)
  • Joe Holcomb
  • Stan Gardner
  • Janine Bolon
  • Jenni Johnson
  • Joanne Smith Seal
  • Jodie Palmer
  • Jonelle Hughes
  • Kalani Watson
  • Kris & Stanford Junker
  • Lindsey Daniels
  • Mary Ann Johnson
  • Michael Corrigan
  • Tessa Zundel

Full details can be found here.

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  • Lilian Rea May 10, 2011, 7:25 pm

    To be honest with you, I am 49 yrs old and just found out that there is more out there about taking care of our body, mind & soul than the conventional .
    In other words, I am new at holistic approach to wellness and would love to learn more about it.
    I really want to go to the conference , but I know I won’t be able to afford it. If I win the registration fee, it will probably be one of those great blessings to help me and my family to get into the right track in our wellness needs !
    Thank you so much for offering this opportunity.
    Lilian Rea

  • Angie Tanner May 10, 2011, 7:54 pm

    I am currently on a mission to learn and implement all I can about natural health and healing. I feel a deep prompting from the Spirit to quickly and thoroughly educated myself on all of these topics. I feel overwhelmed and am praying constantly for guidance so that I can use my time and resources wisely. I have six small children, home school and have a limited budget. This would be a huge blessing to be able to attend. Thank you for doing this, for whoever receives it.


  • Lucia Fullmer May 10, 2011, 8:50 pm

    I am 42 years old and the homeschooling mother of 6 children. I would love to attend this conference. It sounds so interesting and worth it. Thanks you!

  • Jenn Dayley May 10, 2011, 10:07 pm

    I’m 37 with 4 kids… Everyone else was telling that, so I figured I would 😉 I’m attending with my sister. However, my best friend is not LDS, but is very interested in holistic living. I live in Idaho, & she lives in southern California. We’ve known each other since we were 5 years old. She is going through a lot right now & is trying to figure out a way to save enough money for a plane ticket to come stay with me for a few days. She said she would love to go to the conference, if she can just get enough money for everything. I would give anything for her to come. And if I could just give her a ticket, that would be such a blessing! And… possibly a wonderful missionary opportunity. Wow, I wish EVERYONE could go to this conference! I can’t wait!

  • Elizabeth May 10, 2011, 10:20 pm

    Please enter me in this contest to win admission to this conference. I have never heard of it before, but the subject matter greatly intrigues me and there are quite a few of the workshops which cover subjects I have always wanted to know more about. I am very drawn to natural healing, urban homesteading and being prepared both spiritually and physically. I feel that this conference would move me forward in my quest for these things. Winning admission would be a blessing as my husband is disabled and working very little.

    Whew, that was long-winded! 🙂

  • E May 10, 2011, 10:26 pm

    I cringe when I see people using the gospel to sell questionable or anti-scientific products or ideas. (Not that every conference class is pseudoscientific or antiscientific, some of it looks fine). I’m sure there are some sincere people who truly believe that they have “hidden knowledge” but I think there are also some who are simply using the gospel as a marketing tool for their quackery.

  • Kila Day May 10, 2011, 10:44 pm

    I went last year and it was great and inspiring, I convinced on of my daughters to go last year as we both volunteered so she could afford it, we are both going again this year. Finally talked her into it, but I would really love it if my daughter that is coming to visit and for her sisters wedding could make it too. Just she is a single mom with 4 kids and cannot afford it, I cannot either as I am paying her gas so she can come to her sisters wedding from CA to Cedar City, would love to bring her along with us 🙂

  • Rachael Ray May 10, 2011, 11:35 pm

    Although someone thoughtfully sent me a link to check out this exciting conference, which would be right up my alley, I have to defer to secretly entering my little sister who lives closer in Provo, Utah and has two little boys. I am busy here in California homeschooling my 4 kids and can’t get away that week. We have been raised by a mother who believes in the gift of healing and that our bodies and spirits are truly partners. As oldest sister I have been more fully on the recieving end of the knowledge and skills and would be thrilled to see my sister be able to expand her knowledge and be more confident in the intuition that leads her to explore the many options available to lead a healthy lifestyle and fulfill her potential as a woman and mother. I would love to attend if I was closer!! Hope the conference is a success!!

  • Rachael Ray May 10, 2011, 11:38 pm

    I can’t believe I didn’t mention my sister and her husband are a struggling student family at BYU. 🙂

  • Tina Kibbie May 11, 2011, 6:35 am

    I’m a homeschooling mom and love to learn about healthy living and always looking for more information. I would love to attend this year!


  • Tiffany Riley May 11, 2011, 9:14 am

    I would love to come to this….I eat, drink and sleep this stuff. I always want to surround myself with more people who believe the same things I do and learn more about what I know to be gifts from our Heavenly Father! I’m so happy this is here in Utah! Pick me….Pick me!!!!! Please?!

  • S Colby May 11, 2011, 11:00 am

    I would love to be able to attend the conference! It looks like a great set of classes and speakers! I have heard positive reports of the conference, but have been unable to attend in the past, this year the date is perfect.

  • Jenny Snedaker May 11, 2011, 12:45 pm

    I just found out about this conference and am jumping for joy! What a treasure chest of knowledge this will provide for so many people who are looking to up their game of living a great life. I’d love to snag a ticket to go!

  • Amy Jones May 11, 2011, 11:36 pm

    E, I am sorry you feel we are using the Gospel as a marketing tool. In fact, we have lost quite a few potential sponsors and advertisers because of being Christ centered, and believe me, we are not buying houses on the hill from putting this conference on, it’s a labor of love and we feel immensely prompted to do it. In considering this conference, we felt that we couldn’t in good conscience NOT include the gospel in such a conference, since Christ is the master healer and all of our knowledge and healing we owe to Him. We are sincere in moving this information forward in the way the Lord intends. As someone who has been fervent living the Word of Wisdom since 1998, written books on it, and have been teaching health classes since 1996 I can testify that we are 100% sincere. If you too fervently live the W.O.W., you will uncover these hidden treasures lying in plain sight. Blessings and peace to you,
    Amy Jones
    Co-Founder/Director, LDS Holistic Living Conference

  • Monica M. May 11, 2011, 11:37 pm

    I would love to attend this conference! I am a long time home school Mom of 6 kids. I have spent years and more money than I could afford looking for answers to various health problems afflicting my family only to become more and more frustrated! I want more than just a pat on the head and a prescription. I need some answers that the usual routes are not providing. Please consider me for the ticket as my money is already tied up in paying for useless medical bills. (meant in the nicest way) : )

  • Alison Moore Smith May 12, 2011, 11:23 am

    I’m not entirely sure what is meant by “hidden treasures” or “hidden knowledge” in this contact. Sincerely, I retyped the conference classes in automaton mode.

    I have, however, had serious debate with people who claim to know more about the Word of Wisdom that is commonly taught. The Word of Wisdom is not a secret, it’s clearly written. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how one can “fervently live the W.O.W.” It’s not that complex.

    Since comments here were meant only for those interested in the conference (and, Amy, I do not blame you for responding to the criticism here), I will delete further off topic comments here, but I’ll plan to write a post about this in the next week or so, to allow E and Amy and anyone else to chime in.
    Alison Moore Smith recently posted…Wedding Invitation Address EtiquetteMy Profile

  • Cheri May 12, 2011, 3:40 pm

    I am currently a pre-med student, and I will be applying to Naturopathic Medical school next year. Natural medicine saved my life a few years ago, I would love to go to the conference to be able to learn more and to learn things to be able to treat patients in the future. I believe that Holistic medicine is the medicine Heavenly Father wants us to use, Even the scriptures discuss using herbs for healing. Going to this conference would be an amazing experience to learn and grow in this field!

  • Brandy Hansen May 14, 2011, 7:40 am

    I am a mormon mommy of three young children suffering from depression, and anxiety. I have recently looked in to holistic living and natural healing as an alternative to all the presription drugs my Dr. wants me taking. I have been in a natural health and nutrition store but get very overwhelmed by all that is offered. I dont know where to start or who to speak to about my personal problems and how I would like to improve my life and the the lives of my family. This would be an awesome opportunity  to learn on a more intimate level. The classes look great and I feel they could help me down the right path by supplying me with new information and knowledge in an area that I currently know very little about. Would love to win this, not only to help me personally but to better the lives of my family and those around me.
    Xoxo Brandy

  • Rebekah Whyte May 14, 2011, 1:18 pm

    This conference looks so fun.

  • Elizabeth Adams May 17, 2011, 4:42 pm

    Hi! I would LOVE the opportunity to attend this conference. I have been searching for holistic health alternatives for my family this year, especially since the youngest 2 of my 5 children were diagnosed with being on the autism spectrum. It has been a challenging year, but one that me and my family have learned so much! My children are so amazing, and I am so grateful for each and every one of them. I believe that there are natural ways to help my children , and that we dont always have to turn to medicine. I believe that this conference will help me get closer to doing that! This would be a tremendous blessing for me and my family! Thanks for considering us! 🙂

  • Susan Peay May 18, 2011, 1:18 pm

    My Sister-in-Law has a large family and her husband is out of work. She has been barely introduced to the subject of holistic healing which, I believe, would benefit her greatly as one of her children is autistic, she has chronic pain in her legs, they struggle with money, etc. This conference would be perfect for her as it would introduce her to many different topics and give her a great overview of what is available for her to discover. I am attending the conference but cannot afford to send her as well. This pass would be a blessing. Thank you!

  • Kathleen Smith May 18, 2011, 3:46 pm

    When people think of the term “holistic”, they don’t often associate it with the terms “LDS or Gospel.” When you walk into a healthfood store, you might see hippies with dreadlocks, health nuts in running gear, or college students feeling trendy, but you probably won’t see the bishop’s wife, let alone the bishop. Why is that? As a religion that is supposed to stand as a beacon of righteous living, natural health and longevity should be synonymous. But it’s not. Latter-Day Saints are dropping like flies from cancer, diabetes–horrible diseases–and rank among the highest in anti-depressant consumption nationwide. And franchises like Weight Watchers and Curves are overflowing with them.

    “But I obey the Word of Wisdom, and I rarely eat out.” When Mormon’s think of the Word of Wisdom, they think of avoiding coffee, tea, and tobacco, but rarely consider the full text. In actuality, the LDS community is far from living the Word of Wisdom. But many don’t realize it simply because Frosted Flakes, cookies, casseroles, and soda aren’t mentioned. We owe it to ourselves and to God to answer the Word of Wisdom question with raw honesty. And we need not be ashamed in the truth. Only let us be more determined to be worthy of the blessings, rather than skating by on the technicality that we are not asked how we live the Word of Wisdom in our interviews.

    The purpose of the LDS Holistic Conference goes beyond qualifying for a temple recommend. It embraces the spirit of our religion, not just the letter. It is about acknowledging that there is more to health than avoiding drugs and caffeine. Its is about following the commandment God gave us to actively seek out the best wisdom and knowledge to keep ourselves and our families happy and healthy – and yes, to enable ourselves to receive those “hidden treasures of knowledge”. It is about acknowledging that with all the revelations, scriptures, and temple attendance, we still do not know everything there is to know about the world God made, the bodies we live in, the plants, animals, medicines, peoples, and all the innumerable experiences of those who have diligently sought knowledge and gained it.

    This amazing conference provides an opportunity to shake off the presumption that God cannot teach outside the chapel; to benefit from the learning of others and keep it within gospel perspective; to dispel the ignorance of many unhealthy traditions; to accept deeper responsibility for the bodies we were given (indeed fought for), and bask in God’s marvelous desire is to enrich and teach ALL of his children his incalculable mysteries – not only of salvation, but of life, health, happiness, prosperity, child rearing, gardening, pet care, natural health–even car repair if need be! God would teach us so many things that if we were to seek and learn our entire lives, we could never learn it all. But this conference is definitely a place to start.

  • Amy Jones May 18, 2011, 7:46 pm

    D&C 89: 19
    And shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures;

    The WOW is not complex (afterall it is adapted to the weakest of the Saints as it states), but it isn’t always easy of course. Fervently living it meaning living it with full intent and following the precepts – the Spirit and details spelled out in it – which not all Saints do, but many aspire to, such as eating in season, eating meat only in winter, cold or famine, etc. It is clear, but there are hidden treasures that will be found when living it well, that aren’t spelled out in the word of wisdom. For instance, who are these conspiring men that the WOW speaks of? When you live the WOW completely, things like that become obvious, whereas it wasn’t so obvious before.
    Amy Jones recently posted…Conference Speaker Profile- Dr Gibson-Hormones- Vaccines and Your BrainMy Profile

  • Kathleen Smith May 18, 2011, 8:21 pm

    The comment made by “E” probably prompted some reflex emotions. That’s a good thing. I’m very grateful for the comment because it gave me something to think about all day and an opportunity to express myself. I hope you all forgive me for taking up so much space.

    I don’t know which classes E considered as quacks trying to use the gospel unethically, however, for a few of them, I have some thoughts borne from experience. Those classes with names including “Cosmic influences, Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Energy Healing” or anything else falling outside of modern medicine are certainly going to raise questions of validity. And for very good reason. Most forms of energy work tend to originate from eastern religions. That’s obviously not what we believe. As a culture and as a religion. So the idea of going to an LDS conference to learn about “falsehoods” or “quackery” would reasonably make some like E “cringe.” However, where there is religion or belief, there is usually a seed of truth, no matter how corrupt the vine has become.

    For example, the fact that our bodies generate electrical and/or magnetic energy, or produce certain frequencies when well or ill is not a myth. It is science. Einstein made some study of the body’s energy, and claimed that although he did not believe in heaven, he did believe in some sort of afterlife based solely on the fact that energy does not die, it changes form, and therefore when the body dies, the energy must be transformed or transfered elsewhere. Learning to manipulate that energy to increase health is far from voodoo.

    Furthermore, because one believes this principle it does not inherently mean that the entire realms of eastern philosophy or shamanism must also be correct. Neither does it require delving into tarot cards, fortune telling, trances, and the use of strange spirit guides. We have the ultimate yardstick by which to measure what is out there. For this exact reason, this is why a gospel based health conference is so valuable. It allows those who have sifted through the rubbish in search of rubies to share the knowledge not found in our limited circles.

    Also, there are many with gifts from God who take the wrong path because they seem to have no one else to guide them. Those in the best position to give guidance (mainly we who have the truths of the gospel) are also tragically the ones who look down upon them and consider them “deceived.” How much better is it that we provide a safe and open forum for people to develop their gifts appropriately and to examine these unique principles. There is much we can learn there. It is folly to ignore any knowledge or truth just because Satan has twisted it to fool so many. And it is naiveté to think that the modern scientific community has a corner on understanding health and healing. After all, they think we evolved from apes. Just think about that. 🙂 Our responsibility is to listen, learn, and then decide for ourselves.

    Once, a man asked me (as a massage therapist) that if I believed I helped the body to heal, did I consider myself a healer? I answered that I guessed the term was technically accurate. To my surprise he sat up and said, “then you don’t need the priesthood!” I replied, “That’s ridiculous. It’s like saying, ‘I have a flashlight, therefore I don’t really need the sun.’” And by the same token, though I have the sun, I find my flashlight useful and I am grateful for it.

  • Michon May 18, 2011, 11:09 pm

    I just learned about this conference from a search on-line. I am soaking up as much natural holistic approach to healing and health that I can right now. I am a mother of 2 small children and I want to learn more so I can help keep them healthy. I would love to attend and surround myself with others that are also seeking to learn more. I am happy to have found this!!

  • Alison Moore Smith May 19, 2011, 9:31 am

    People, did you get this? I’m not going to release any more off topic comments on this post. If you want to argue for or against holistic stuff, you’ll have to wait for the post I referenced above. This post is only for those wanting to enter the drawing. Period.

    If you are one of those who posted, I’ll be happy to copy your text so you can paste it into the post I promised, when it comes.
    Alison Moore Smith recently posted…Invitation for WeddingMy Profile

  • linda May 20, 2011, 1:32 pm

    This sounds like a great idea and I would love to attend this conference

  • Rebecca May 25, 2011, 9:44 pm

    I have been very interested in attending this conference because I am constantly in search of more knowledge to help me in raising my family in a more natural way. I was able to attend a similar conference in the past, and it was an incredible help to me.

  • Alison Moore Smith June 6, 2011, 11:51 am

    The winner of the contest is Kila Day! I will be contacting her in just a minute with the details.

    Thanks to all who entered.

    If you have an entry, above, and did not win, you have won a consolation prize of free information downloads. If you’re interested, send me your correct email address through the contact page and I’ll give your info to the conference director. 🙂
    Alison Moore Smith recently posted…Buttermilk Bacon WafflesMy Profile

  • Shannon Steffler May 25, 2012, 5:31 pm

    Hi! I have been day dreaming of attending for months now. I was unable to go last year with an older baby nursing. Now I will have a newborn at this time which would be managable and I nice getaway for a day! I love learning about holistic health. I need to figure out how to take better care of our family, as we’ve had a lot of doctor visits this year. I’m 29 and expecting baby #5 within the next week or two 🙂 I have a Holistic Parenting Group here in Idaho Falls, ID where we brainstorm and discuss different topics of interest to us. It’s a great support group. We’ve had formal meetings and I hope to again in the future when life is a little less busy (right!). I just found a ride down there for the conference about 20 minutes ago! I even ‘applied’ for a free ticket because $ is super tight right now with all of the medical bills we’ve accumulated this past year (and more to come with new baby :-P). I hope and pray I can go because it will be so uplifting. Also, I just learned today that author Jennetta Billhimer will be there and I’d love to meet her in person, as I’ve coresponded with her about teaching her childbirth education course in the future and she graciously donated a copy of her book for myself and for me to donate to The Shepherd’s Inn, a home for expectant unwed Mamas. It would be such a pleasure 😀 Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Shannon Steffler May 25, 2012, 5:35 pm

    Oops. Just saw the year! Bummer 😛

  • Alison Moore Smith May 25, 2012, 5:36 pm

    Hi, Shannon and welcome to Mormon Momma.

    Please note that the conference in question was last year and the prize was already awarded. Sorry!

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