of cultural pressure; let me ask this. Is accepting callings doctrine, or masterfully manipulative cultural pressure?

A lady once shared with me that she had declined a calling to be PP due to the Lord revealing to her, through fasting and prayer, that she should not accept it. Horrible things were said, and still are, about her and her family.

We are a large organization that needs participation in order to function and run smoothly. Some might argue that there are many units that do not run even remotely close to smoothly. I'll give you that, but the more important point, rather question, might be; have we crossed a line in our zeal for fully staffed programs, growth, and “activity”? As a culture, do we allow room for individuals to act in their best interest or does cultural pressure to accept any and all callings overwhelm individual choice?

Is it doctrine to never decline a calling? The pressure is definitely there.