Want to Let?If you are a fellow American, “letting a flat” might sound like gibberish. Or needing replacement tires. But it's very simple. In British parlance letting is renting and a flat is an apartment. When we lived in England in 1983, we let a flat in a row of townhouses.

Compared to our American digs, it was minimal. But compared to most of our local friends, it was very nice. It was a two-story unit with a living room and an kitchen/dining/laundry combined in one on the main floor. The upstairs featured three bedrooms. Each was reasonably sized and fitted with a sink. On one end of the hall was a tub and sink. On the other a lone toilet. (Who came up with that design? The we-do-not-believe-in-germs coalition?)

Since my dad was on sabbatical at the university in Leeds, the math department chairman made arrangements for our housing before we arrived. We lived in a quaint little neighborhood on Grove Lane. But if you want to take extended travel and don't have local contacts, what can you do?

LettingWeb.com can help you find a place across the pond. They list properties in Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. At this writing they have 7,229 listings in Scotland alone.

They offer flats to rent Glasgow, which is the largest city in Scotland and the third largest in all of the United Kingdom.

They have flats to rent Edinburgh, which is the second largest city in Scotland and home of the world famous Edinburgh Woollen Mill (yes, that's how they spell it). We spend a very large chunk of change at this fabulous store and I still have my kilt!

The have an inventory of flats to rent Aberdeen, the third largest city in Scotland, with many buildings built of grey granite infused with silver deposits that sparkle.

If you're thinking about taking a trip to the United Kingdom, see if  Lettingweb can help you find the perfect place to stay.