Saturday's big project was pouring cement down the long drive on the side of the house. It's ready for our future trailer and boat parking. In the meantime, however, it means we can finally install the fence around the backyard. We are in serious need of a fence for a number of reasons:

  1. Deer have killed all five of our fruit trees
  2. Deer have stripped the bark from out two tall maple trees
  3. Planting our vegetable garden only to have it eaten by deer isn't my idea of fun
  4. Two little boys desperately want a dog

We are pricing out square foot garden materials this week and are exciting to get the planting underway. 

If you know anything about square foot gardening, you know that it requires boxes filled with prepared soil mix. In my hunt for the best recipe, I learned about a new product called Expand ‘n Gro(TM). This strong concentrated/strong planting mix, has a number of interesting properties:

  • Lightweight and expands to three times its volume when mixed with water
  • Feeds plants for up to six months
  • Improves composition of soil for multiple years
  • Produces up to three times the flowers and veggies of native soil
  • Contains natural fibers that hold up to 50% more water than potting soil

Unfortunately, this product is only currently available in the midwest, northeast, and Texas. But you can get it on Amazon!

If you're ramping up for a square foot garden like we are, consider this product for your soil mixture. It can also be used in planters and regular garden areas. Just follow the directions.

May this be a great year of growing for you!