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Vanishing Act

Caleb (4): Mom, today I made a mess with the toys, I hit my brother, I hid the kitty in the basement, I spilled the milk, I pooped in my pants, and I wrote on the walls. Lots of bad stuff today.

Mom: Yup.

Caleb: Mom, when I’m eight all the bad stuff goes away. Did you notice that?

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  • facethemusic June 5, 2008, 3:21 pm

    he he– well, tell him while he’s at it, he might as well get it all in BEFORE he turns eight!!!

  • nanacarol June 5, 2008, 4:05 pm

    face-it sounds like he is already trying!!! Oh to have him around would just be too much fun at our house!!!!

  • Tinkerbell June 9, 2008, 1:55 pm

    Ooh – I HOPE SO!!!

  • Michelle D June 9, 2008, 7:21 pm

    This is cute and touching at the same time.

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