Valentine's Day EyeglassesI shouldn't be writing about eyeglasses. Really. I told you I finally went to the eye doctor — for the first time since we moved back to Utah (in 2001). And, yes, I ordered my prescription reading glasses. But I still haven't picked them up. And now the eye doctor is starting to do the just-calling-to-give-you-a-super-friendly-reminder-that-your-freaking-glasses-are-still-sititng-in-the-pickup-box thing.

I need them. I paid for them. I just don't want them. Can you blame me? I just want my eyes to magically improve so I can go on with my life without the bother.

So, as I try to get over my issues — and, I swear, vanity isn't one, convenience is — I find that Zenni Optical has given me one good reason to do it. Valentine's Day is coming and glasses will let me see the people I love more clearly.

So maybe I'll give myself a little present for happy hearts day and stop squinting. If you want to join me, check out Zenni's incredibly affordable glasses. They have over 80 red or pink frames. Perfect to add some holiday spark.

If you've never ordered glasses online, it is simple. You just fax your prescription in (just ask your doctor to give it to you, insist if you must), they fill it, and mail you the glasses of your choice.