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Tongue of Fire

Take a great sports classic, throw in some unpredictable villains, unlikely heroes lurking around every bend, a touch of young romance, and of course some good old fashioned hard times, misunderstandings, and marital discord, and what do you have? You have David McKnight’s new book, Tongue of Fire.

This refreshing take on Mormon culture and all the conundrums our religion can offer our daily lives is a thoroughly enjoyable read. The relatable characters kept me turning pages and constantly wondering what was next. It is a superbly paced read with little, if any, “down time”.

Packed with situations that offer the opportunity to assess many different facets of ones life, it was the perfect combination of entertainment and self reflection. Here are a few of my favorite take aways. God really does care about all people. Miracles and the power of the priesthood are meant for everyone, not just Mormons. Women have waaaaay more power than often realized. The Holy Ghost is alive and well in the evangelical world. Interfaith relations just may be the key to world peace and ousting nasty people from their positions of power. And lastly, a tongue of fire can be a very, very good thing. 

A side note: My husband enjoyed the book and enthusiastically recommends it! It’s always nice to have a great book to share that bridges the gender gap.

You can check it out on Facebook here :  facebook.com/tongueoffirebook   If you “like” it you can get the ebook for free!

It’s also available at amazon in paperback and kindle.

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