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Thumbs Up for Nursing Pillows

This post brought to you by Comfort and Harmony. All opinions are 100% mine.

Mombo Nursing Pillow

Now that my kids are older, I feel like the wise old sage mom. OK, old mom, but sometimes I pose as a wise sage. Truthfully, there is nothing like getting older to make you realize how many really dumb things you did as a parent mdash; generally whilst feeling so knowledgable — but I’m grateful my kids survived me. Mostly.

Today’s new parent face an astouding array of choices. Wandering the aisles of Babies R Us is enough to send any prespective parent over the edge — and that’s not even considering the checking account.

I never much got into the baby gadget thing. First, because we had our first two children while still in college and, second, because I sincerely didn#39;t want one more thing to take care of, clean around, and to fill up my living space. I always purchased items very judisciously and often found items that could serve multiple purposes.

Still, there were a few things I would never have done without: 

  • A quality (double) jogging stroller – oh, the freedom this provided when I had little ones! I could walk, jog, or (yes, I did) roller blade to my heart’s content, and the kids loved it!
  • A comfy baby swing – sometimes there is no substitute for motion in calming down a baby and if you#39;ve ever had one of those babies who will only sleep while on the move, you also know it can be overwhelming. Having a place that my baby loved almost as much as my arms was sometimes a real boon.
  • A nursing pillow – I really struggled with nursing my kids. La Leche League (NO!) and lactation consultants (YES!) aside, I had all sorts of pain and difficulty. One of the things that made a huge difference was my denim nursing pillow. It was a new concept and not very refined, but akwardness and bulkiness aside, it allowed me to spend the hours and hours I needed to adjust in a comfortable way.

Today I learned about the Mombo nursing pillow. (It’s available at Toys R Us and Babies R Us.) It is my little old pillow on steroids. The shape is much improved with a taper to remove some of the side bulk. It comes in all different styles and fabrics. You can buy a slipcover for it. (Easy clean!) They have a two-sided version that has a softer side and a firmer side. There is even a Mombo with a vibrator to help baby to sleep. (If you’re like me, your baby needs something to stay strongawake/strong while nursing, not the other way around!)

If I were back in the baby market — and in the next few years I could be in the grandbaby market — this would be high on my list of critical baby items. I’m sure it would be a welcome gift for the mother-to-be that you know!

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What are your favorite, cannot-do-without baby products?

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  • Louise O'Neil June 2, 2013, 10:20 am

    Our youngest does not like her swing, does not fall asleep in the car…wants to be held, mostly co-sleeps with us. Our favorite things are for me, my “front pack” baby carrier, and for my husband, his backpack baby carrier. When only being held will do, these allow us to get things done. Wish I had one of those nursing pillows, both for nursing and no to use for baby as she learns to sit up.

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