I confess. I have never, ever watched the Super Bowl. I realize that makes me some kind of freak. Sorry. Most years when the Super Bowl starts, I'm at church. I don't have some moral objection to watching a football game on television, but I'm not much of a pro football fan and neither is my husband, so the “big game” usually passes by without us knowing.

Still, I do have a football fetish. I love BYU football. I've been watching the Cougars play since Gary Sheide was the quarterback and my brother and I sat in “the knothole.” And that is forever ago.

My dad was a math professor at BYU and is an honorary alumni. My mom, brother, sister, and I all graduated from BYU. My husband got his bachelor's, master's, and PhD degrees from BYU. We met there and married while students. Now we have two kids attending BYU and we'll probably end up with more.

Read that: we bleed blue.

While I won't be rooting for the either the Packers or the Steelers (aren't you proud of me for knowing who's playing? I overheard it on the news just now), I can give you some yummy Super Bowl Recipes to make your tailgating party festive and tasty.

Try the Tailgating Tacos, the Pittsburgh Popcorn, or other tasty snacks. Or save them for next fall when your favorite team plays again. That's what I'll be doing.