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Soft Modern Decorating

Round Coffee TablesCraftsman style is known for its simplicity, function, and clean, straight lines. You won’t find many round shapes or curves in our home design. No arched windows or doors, no spiral staircases, no swirling stair rails.

But an abundance of hard lines can seem harsh and uninviting. We plan to add inviting comfort using some traditional pieces with a “soft modern” style. Perhaps we’ll mix round coffee tables with more angular couches or thick, textured linens with a modern headboard.

A company called Bungalow West has created furniture inspired by 20th century contemporary, like round coffee tables with beautiful detailing and shelves below. The finishes are beautiful and they have a retro feel without looking out of date. This table adds a traditional material and a soft shape with modern details.

For years I’ve loved tufted leather round coffee tables. They are truly dual purpose; soft enough to sit on, but sturdy enough to place refreshments or a game board on. They come in a variety of leather colors. This uses a modern application of soft, traditional surfaces.

When decorating your home, consider the feel and message it brings. We want our home to be inviting and comfortable as well as beautiful. With thought and planning, you can bring all those things into a single room.

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  • Anne May 18, 2010, 2:11 pm

    I try to avoid leather anymore – so many good materials out there that are not made of dead animals, I just feel more comfortable this way. It is a very pretty piece of furniture, for sure.
    .-= Anne hopes you’ll read Concrete Sealing — A Value Added Extra =-.

  • Alison Moore Smith May 18, 2010, 5:34 pm

    Good for you, Anne! I think the ethical issues with animals are an interesting discussion, although I don’t have a firm position. Although I’ve followed vegan diets for short periods, it was for health reasons, not philosophical ones.

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