Industrial LightingOne of my favorite decor looks is a softened industrial. While I'm not into sharp lines and stark rooms, I love a touch of toughness in a room. Like the blue jeans I wore in high school with ruffly, silk blouses, having a warm, inviting comfortable room with some shiny metal pieces and masculine elements is a great mix.

Imagine a spacious bathroom in relaxing earthy tones, with warm stone and fluffy towels, with some shiny stainless steel tile accenting the jetted tub.

Think about a library with soft modern upholstered furniture, a leather couch with fabric pillows, and a thick, plush area rug. Then through in some angular hammered vases.

How about a gorgeous stained wood staircase, accented by a steel and cable railing system.

Envision a country kitchen with kitschy accessories, retro appliances, and bold stainless steel tiles lining the backsplash.

Rather than going to extremes and making a room seem cold and antiseptic, create a warm, comfortable space, then look for some favorite pieces that add a touch of the industrial. Consider an old metal filing cabinet, repurposed office furniture pieces, warehouse lighting, or containers taken from a manufacturing setting.

Just one or two industrial elements in a room can change the whole tone. It's a great way to make too feminine spaces more enjoyable for the more masculine set.