The self-appointed food czar is at it again. Michelle Obama and her band of merry vegans have succeeded in making the school lunch program less desirable. If that is even possible. Down with chicken nuggets, up with modest portions of eco-produced soy patties.

Twitter is abuzz with public school kids who are dissatisfied with the Obama version of a light, lean school lunch.

I have one vote opposed to Ms. Obama's agenda, and one in favor.

Barrack Obama is a smoker. If the missus wants to focus on health issues, maybe she should start at home. If the president stopped smoking, it would not only improve his own health, but that of all those who breathe around him. And set a better example for his kids and ours. And keep the stench out of the oval office curtains and the nicotine stains off the walls.

On the other hand, school lunch is a federally subsidized program. The feds have every right to regulate what goes into it. If you don't want to have your food choices micromanaged, buy your own food. For the time being, you still have that option in most parts of the country (thank you Mayor Bloomberg).

Some kids have decided to boycott school lunch in favor of bringing their own lunches. It's high time. School lunch should never have been implemented in the first place. Feeding kids should be the responsibility of families. Let's keep the boycott going in perpetuity.