Baby GatesWhen we lived in Boca Raton, we built our second home. In the two-story entrance, it featured a beautiful staircase that turned 45 degrees halfway up. We loved the staircase, but as soon as our three-month old daughter started to crawl, it became a nightmare. Not just because of the length of the stairway, but because the entire main floor was tiled. While large ceramic tile was the most popular flooring in south Florida, it didn't make for a nice “landing pad” for a toddler who made a misstep.

We solved the problem by installing a baby gates anywhere that provided unsafe access.

My baby is now eight years old and — although I love animals — I have an enormous aversion to indoor pets. So, even though we have two, long staircases in our home, we don't have anyone who needs restricted access, but if you do, the Kidco Gate Shop has what you need.

Stairs aren't the only place a gate my be useful. Consider blocking access to a barbecue, wood-burning stove, or hearth where a baby might get burned. (Remember, even enclosed fireplaces become very hot when in use!) And if you either have a pet that needs to be protected from items in a room, or items in a room that need to be protected from you pets, pet gates can do the trick.

Check out the Safety Gate Guide and Tips page to help you make the best selection for your circumstances.