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Residential Plan Submittal Checklist

Red TapeToday I went to City Hall to find out how we go about submitting the plans for approval.

When my ancestors came to American, they looked for some empty land, cut down some trees, and had at it. Today the process to build a home is incredibly complex. I understand safety concerns and conformity issues, but I’m not sure how much society benefits as a whole to price so many people out of the home market.

Anyway, the two-page checklist shows that we still have some work to do. Our to-do list includes:

  1. Elevations: lot corners; top of foundation; driveway curb at street
  2. Proposed grade contours
  3. Proposed retaining walls
  4. Sewer location
  5. Gross floor area by floor and building height added to plan
  6. Stud spacing
  7. Exterior material finish
  8. Stair details (rise, run, width, landing space, headroom, handrail, guardrail, baluster—if I remember, Lindon even has some bizarre regulation against split landings)
  9. Sizes and materials of doors/window labeled on plan
  10. Breaker panel location
  11. Service meter location and amperage
  12. Outside hose bibs
  13. Floor drains
  14. Water service line size and location
  15. Furnace, etc., labeled
  16. Gas appliance BTU requirements
  17. Gas line diagram
  18. Flue locations
  19. Model Energy Code Compliance Report

We have our work cut out for us.

Tomorrow I will be looking up the BTU’s for the gas range and dryer. Then I’ll need to consult with an HVAC specialist about the furnace, boiler, etc., BTU’s and the air conditioning specifications.

Sam will be adding some more details to the plans.

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