Food Storage, humph. A friend of mine worked miracles with food storage while her husband was in law school and they were growing their young family. Her daughter called powdered milk, “tasty milk,” and she, my friend, seemed to always have the best things on her table for pennies, if not less.

Our family has been enduring some set backs for the past couple of years and they just keep on comin'. I am now at a place where food storage is not just a comforting thing sitting in my basement, but a real source of relief in times of strife. I think of the pioneers with, essentially, flour paste to eat, and I can't feel too bad for myself with cupboards full of spices and a basement with buckets of oats, wheat, potato flakes, lentils, dried beans, and so on.

Problem is, I don't know how to utilize it to the best of my family's health and well-being. It seems that most of the information I have is less about using food storage everyday, and more about having a bunch of stuff in your basement. I need to know how to get it out of my basement and on my table with, and here's the kicker, very little, and I mean very little, if any at all, fresh needing to be added. Fresh and grocery shopping are things of the past for me, at least for the foreseeable future and I need to put things on my table that will fill hungry children tummies. 

Anybody want to pass on some tried and true recipes, resources, or tips? I'd sure appreciate some!