The Federal Trade Commission didn't like the way Reebok advertised a line of shoes and apparel that purportedly made you backside look like awesome sauce. The FTC said it's testing didn't prove the claims. Reebok disagrees, but decided to settle.

As a ethical issue, I'm kind of torn. Companies need to be honest about their products, but over-regulation hurts people trying to make a living (and provide jobs). And when you're up against the government, even enormous companies — like Reebok — don't have endless coffers to compete with taxpayer funded lawyering. I haven't tried the product and can't speak from experience, but Reebok's agreement is to make the settlement known and I've agreed to help spread the word. So here it is.

If you purchased any of the Reebok products listed below, from December 5, 2008 through October 12, 2011, you may be eligible to payment from a class action settlement.

  • Easy Tone
  • RunTone
  • JumpTone
  • SlimTone
  • EastTone Flip
  • TrainTone
  • SimplyTone
  • EasyTone — Capri
  • EasyTonen — Shorts
  • EasyTone — Sleeveless Shirt
  • EasyTone Pants
  • EasyTone — Long Bra Top
  • EasyTone — Short Sleeve Top

Find out more about the Reebok settlement and how to get your Reebok refunds by calling 1.888.398.5389.