Guest post by Gerard McDaniel

A good realtor can make the difference between a wonderful and a terrible home buying experience. When I decided to buy my first place, I was excited and ready, but any new experience can always be a little intimidating.

I went into the process with extreme caution, questioning everything along the way. I asked my realtor everything from what certain acronyms and legal jargon meant to whether I should have ADT San Antonio install an alarm system. The area in which I was buying was technically still considered a transitional neighborhood, so I definitely wanted to feel safe.

My realtor even took note of my strange bit of excitement every time I saw “As Seen On TV” tomato planters on the back patios of several properties that he showed me. His housewarming gift to me was the aforementioned planter, along with gardening gloves and pruning shears. I had never had to deal with any outdoor space before owning, so I did not have these yet.

He also continues to be available to me when I have questions about refinancing or renting, should I move.