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Pre-Day 3: Push Through

So it’s pretty dumb to be acting like making it three whole days on some new program is a big deal. But a test is coming and I can feel it.

First, Friday is date night. Which often includes a sacred ritual of hot popcorn with butter.

Second, Saturday is the 4th of July. As in holiday. As in lots of good food and fun and all that.

As for date night, I suggested anything that did not involve smelling popcorn—which may be my second favorite food, just behind chocolate. And we looked for a restaurant that would be at least moderately in line with Living the Life.

We went to Zupas and I ordered a Summer Chicken Salad and substituted fat free raspberry vinaigrette. I gave Sam the french bread, but I did eat the chocolate strawberry. Diet lemonade to drink.

Not perfect, but I’m pleased with it.

Now, we face the holiday. Wish me luck.

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