Foundation Footings PreparedToday we saw the first real sign of construction. Sure, we'd had some excavation. But that's digging down. This was the first, serious, tangible sign of building up.

Seeing the forms in place and prepped and the cement poured in was a wonder to behold! Construction!

Unfortunately, when Sam went over he noticed that a mistake had been made. The garage was supposed to be lower than the main part of the house. And it wasn't. So they guys dug in and tore out the cement and forms around the garage. We brought in some lights as they finished, as the sun had gone down.

With bad weather expected this weekend, we don't know how long this will delay us. Hopefully not long. Cost? I don't know. I assume the cost is born by the person responsible. At least that's how business works in my world.

Delay or not, seeing the beginnings of our custom home is wonderful!

Pouring Footings for Foundation