Patio Footings
Patio Forms
Patio Cement Work
Finished Patio

The back patio and walkway are in! The crew dug the holes for the footings last week and yesterday they laid the forms. This morning the cement truck came and they poured and smoothed out the surface.

Gorgeous. This crew does beautiful concrete work. (Can concrete be beautiful? Yes, it can!)

The braces for the pillars are installed so the deck and window hood sections can be installed. They'll be scoring the cement soon.

Now for some good news and some bad news.

Good news: the beautiful weather and sunny area help the concrete set up. We aren't going to have to worry about snoopy neighbors leaving their mark in our backyard forever.

Bad news: the concrete set so fast that by the time we could get our two college kids (during finals week) and our 16-year-old-involved-in-three-performing-groups to the house, the concrete was too hard for us to leave our handprints in it. Boo hoo!

We'll try again when the side driveway is poured.