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Suffer Little Children

The last few days have been a frenzy of activity in the LDS world. As someone with a more progressive view of things, it has been a pretty difficult few days. I have been inundated with information from both sides and finally have a minute to sit down and reflect on all of what I’ve seen and heard. Here is my take on things.

First of all, I want to give some information for context. I am active in the church, a returned missionary, temple recommend holder, and have callings in the church. My husband is currently bishop of our ward (makes for some interesting times at our house!).

I think we all know by now what the policy says, so I won’t reiterate that here. What I would like to focus on are the explanations of the policy that I’ve heard and seen, including the video that the church put out last night in which Elder Christofferson gives insight and context to it. My concern is not so much with the apostasy aspect of this for adults, so I’m focusing on the other part of it, which involves blessing and baptizing children of gay parents.  [click to continue…]


Same Sex Marriage and the New Church Policies

Mormon Momma has 1,565 published posts and 347 drafts—most of them mine. Last night my Facebook feed filled up with references to yesterday’s two changes in church policy. Soon after I began getting private messages and emails, asking my take on the new church policies. If I wanted to write today, this wouldn’t be the topic. It would, instead, come from one of the other 340-ish posts I’ve already started. But this issue is exploding, so I’ll do my best.

Same Sex Marriage and the New Church Policies

I reserve the right (as always) to change my mind or reconsider. At the top I will ask readers to consider the many factors in play before giving a reactionary response. (That’s just about all I’ve seen on social media on either side.)

Homosexuality and Consistency

One of the overriding principles in my life is consistency. I try to make sense of the world and of my positions and values. Almost never do I take a hard stance based on my feelings without some rational basis included. When I do make a position, I try very hard to make it fit coherently with the others. That’s not always possible, but I believe one day a grand, unifying theory will emerge.  [click to continue…]


3 New Apostles Named

In the Saturday afternoon session, three new apostles were announced by Henry B. Eyring.

  1. Ronald A. Rasband – Presidency of the Seventy
  2. Gary E. Stevenson – Presiding Bishop
  3. Dale G. Renlund – First Quorum of the Seventy
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T-Bone Steak Perfection

Last August I cooked a t-bone steak. For the first time in my 51 years. If I cook meat its either chicken, fish, or the occasional pork loin, so my husband’s birthday dinner request was not met with much rejoicing. Chances were much higher that a bunch of expensive meat would be ruined than that it would be edible. But I tried anyway.

T-Bone Steak Perfection

That is how much I love Sam.  [click to continue…]


September/October 2015 Open General Conference Thread

I’m a few hours late in opening the thread. I remembered halfway through the General Women’s Session (I still love to say that…) and then forgot as soon as it ended. Better late then never! Please leave your thoughts and insights here!

General Women’s Session

Saturday Morning Session

  • Dieter F. Uchtdorf
  • M. Russell Ballard
  • Richard J. Maynes
  • Neill F. Marriott
  • Larry R. Lawrence
  • Francisco J. Viñas
  • Quentin L. Cook

Saturday Afternoon Session

  • Robert D. Hales
  • Jeffrey R. Holland
  • Bradley D. Foster
  • Hugo Montoya
  • Vern P. Stanfill
  • James B. Martino
  • Dallin H. Oaks

General Priesthood Session

  • Neil L. Andersen
  • Randall K. Bennett
  • Dieter F. Uchtdorf
  • Henry B. Eyring
  • Thomas S. Monson

Sunday Morning Session

  • Thomas s. Monson
  • Ronald A. Rasband
  • Gary E. Stevenson
  • Dale G. Renlund
  • Russell M. Nelson
  • Gregor A. Schwitzer
  • Claudio R. M. Costa
  • Henry B. Eyring

Sunday Afternoon Session

  • D. Todd Christofferon
  • Devin G. Durrant
  • Von G. Keetch
  • Carole M. Stephens
  • Allen D. Haynie
  • Kim B. Clark
  • Koichi Aoyagi
  • David A. Bendar

Love does not mean sacrificing any and all personal desires to fill the desires of someone else. It does not mean allowing people to mistreat you in the name of loyalty or peace or tolerance. It does not mean “never having to say you’re sorry.” It does not mean that you own someone (or they own you).

Love Hacks

We are commanded to love others as God loves us. Charity. The pure love of Christ. With unfailing compassion, patience, and mercy. The past few weeks I’ve been pondering a great deal on love and relationships and family and eternity.

What does love mean to you? How do you show love in difficult circumstances? What does Christlike love look like?  [click to continue…]


Saturday’s Warrior: The Motion Picture – We Need You!

Update: The Kickstarter funded! There was a surge of support in the final days and it came through in the nick of time. Thanks to any Mormon Momma readers who shared or contributed. It’s going to be great.

Join the Saturday’s Warrior Kickstarter campaign now!

When I was a kid, my sister, Nora, went to see a musical. It was all the rage, touring across the western states to sell out crowds. She bought the LP and we listened over and over and over. I memorized every song. That was my introduction to Saturday’s Warrior.

Saturday's Warrior Kickstarter

Fast forward to 1989. I’m married with my second child on the way. A VHS recording of the stage play is offered for sale. I bought it—I had a few friends in it—and my kids were introduced to a somewhat different version.

Fast forward to 2015. Lex de Azevedo—one of the writers of the original stage play–sets out to produce a feature-length, theater-release movie. With a refurbished script, a combination of old music and new music, and an amazing crew in place, the first script read through happened at BYU. My daughter, Alana Jeffery, read the part of the matron, along with other selected MDT students. Shortly thereafter, in March, auditions began in earnest. My daughter, Monica, auditioned—again and again and again. Finally, in early August, she was cast as the new Julie Flinders!

The Piano Guys are part of the deal along with Alex Boye and others you may recognize (like Vine star Kenny Holland). You can help support this wonderful, clean, family-friendly entertainment!

Today, Saturday’s Warrior is in the midst of filming. Friday, September 18 (until 8:00 pm), is also the last day you can join me in being a Saturday’s Warrior Kickstarter backer! Please click through and make a contribution. Kickstarter is all or nothing and if the producers don’t reach their goal they get nothing. Below are some of the promotional videos for your enjoyment!

There are lots of great awards. Please join us!


An Open Letter to BYU Fans: 3-Step 12th Man Primer

An Open Letter to BYU Fans: 3-Step 12th Man Primer

Dear BYU Fans:

As Mormons we are taught that we want to be kind to everyone, for that is right, you see. I understand and generally concur. But, as we read in the scriptures, to every thing there is a season. And this, my gentle friends, is football season. So let me tell you a little story.

I began attending BYU football games when Gary Sheide was the quarterback. It was 1972, and while my parents sat in the adult seats, my brother and I sat in the “knothole” in the end zone. I attended faithfully through high school. In college, I got up at 0’dark hundred, stood in the long lines, entered the lotteries, and did whatever must be done to obtain student season tickets.

In 1991 we moved to Florida and were left to sit in the Young Women room at the church—with Ernie Sego and Doug Littlefield—to watch the games on the library TV through the satellite system. We donned our shirts and took our pom poms, but it wasn’t quite the same.

On August 26, 2000, Sam and I drove our five children (including a two-month-old baby boy) from our home in Boca Raton to Tallahassee to watch BYU take on Florida State. It was a rare chance to see our beloved cougars play in person. We were thrilled. But tucked away in the tiny visitor’s corner of the stadium, the Seminoles schooled us on true fandom.  [click to continue…]


TLC and the New Lyrics

[While looking at this piece of internet hilarity, we saw the last photo…]

Monica (18): Wait, I thought the lyric said “Don’t go, Jason Waterfalls!” I thought it was some guy’s name. What? It makes sense…

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#ThugMormon Trending Now

I hate Twitter. OK, I don’t get it. I’m totes on there and all. Tweeter me at @AlisonMSmith. But I probably won’t answer because I don’t really know how. I can’t follow conversations and brevity is not my strong suit. Why is this a thing, anyway?

#ThugMormon Trending Now

The only time I had any kind of Twitter success was when Facebook went down last winter and I had a brilliant way to deal with my anxiety.

And to be clear, “Twitter success” for me means 23 retweets and 64 favorites. I’m on fire.

In spite of my ineptwittertude, someone messaged me a funny hashtag (another new fangled convention that I barely grasp) distracted me from my otherwise desperate life pondering a hopeless future with either Hillary or The Donald. Today I share some joy. I don’t even know exactly how #ThugMormon got started. Something about a BYU football player (who isn’t a Mormon) getting arrested, I think, and a radio host solemnly noting just how freaking thuggish Mormons are. (Feel free to correct this rough sketch with the truth in the comments.) Then the idea of our natural propensity to be criminally negligent took on a life of its own. Behold the badness.   [click to continue…]