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Mobility Assistance

In 1983, when I was in college, my best friend got engaged. Her new fiancé was traveling from California to Utah for a visit the day after Christmas. We were so excited to have a fun winter break from classes, snowmobiling and having fun. But in the middle of Nevada, his friend — and driver — fell asleep at the wheel. My friend’s fiancé ended up paralyzed from the neck down.

Mobility Van

When they were finally married, over a year and a half later, they were both in the midst of learning how to live with disabilities. The ramifications of such an accident are intense and far-reaching. As much as “the rest of us” try to imagine such circumstances, we really can’t begin to know the ongoing challenges these people face unless we live through it. Over time, they learned to accommodate the injuries and lead full, productive lives. Art could drive, care for himself, and even traveled extensively—alone—for his business. It was truly remarkable.

NMEDA is a nationally recognized program for the adaptive mobility industry. They work to make sure that each individual is given the specific assistance that will address their very personal needs.

Drop by their website, hit the dealers locator in the very top navigation bar, and type in your ZIP codes. It would be helpful if you’d leave a comment letting me know the dealer closest to you. (The closet to me is in Centerville, Utah, which is 41 miles away.) This is a service that should be available to everyone!

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