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Mo Power to Ya!

Many of the Gentile persuasion in the SLC area have taken to calling members of the church, “Mo’s” (pronounced “moze”). OK, the truth is that being call a Mo is not so bad. While it’s not exactly a term of endearment, Mo beats some of the other things Mormons have been called ?lots of them by fellow Mo’s. To ease the tension between Mo’s and Gentiles, I’ve come up with a brief “Mo-lexico.”

MO: Mormon

No MO: Non-Member

No MO MO: Ex-Mormon

MO nopoly: Utah

MO town: Provo

MO peds: People walking across the street to Temple Square

MO hair: Missionary standards haircut

Po MO: a financially challenged Mormon

MO lasses: Mormon babes

MO Tab: Mormon Tabernacle Choir

MO tel: Bishop’s interview

Su MO: Graduate of BYU Law School

MO gul: large white Utah bird

MO rally: 3rd quarter BYU drive against U of U

MO sey: LDS sense of time.

Loco MO tion: Post game exodus from Cougar Stadium

MO lesters: Visiting and Home teachers who drop by without calling first

MO nogomy: LDS marriage practices

MO tif: Two or more Mormons engaged in a heated difference of opinion

MO ment: What an LDS member intended to say, regardless of what they actually said

MO ld: LDS members over 70

MO aning: what an LDS person does when called to a leadership position

MO rose: what the Utah desert is to blossom like

MO notone: High Council speaker

MO ny MO ny: favorite song of multi-level marketing enthusiasts

MO tion: what happens to too many converts and move-ins

MO derate: one with broad-minded political views

MO dus operandi: missionary door approach

Slow MO: Pace of members ahead of you in a crowded hallway when you have a two-year-old who has to go, now

MO Moo: Powdered milk stored in closets, basements and under beds, etc.

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  • Oregonian July 26, 2007, 11:04 am

    Allison, were just in a really funny mood all of a sudden? Too little sleep? These are all just great. I’m laughing so hard.

  • Darcee Yates March 13, 2011, 11:22 am

    Alison, Yes, I’m resurrecting this from 2005! Haha. This is funny. I’ve added a few of my own.

    MOdish-used to be jello, being replaced by any fast food pizza place

    MOots-Oughts, the list is mindboggingly endless

    MOrales-Rants heard after being called as cub scout leader

    MOurn- Not enough

    MOwings-A misnomer, Our angels have no wings.

    MOtels-Mormon Momma articles.

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