I ?ve decided to take a leaf out of Maxwell Smart ?s book. You remember him? Guy with the shoe phone? Always gets his nose shut in the sliding door at CONTROL headquarters? And in the latest iteration, has to kiss Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a. The Rock ?)? (Who, speaking of which, was kind of funny in this movie, and even showed some acting chops. Okay, more like a chop. Half a chop. Or maybe like a cutlet. Anyway, he was kind of funny. Especially when he stapled that one dude ?s memo to his head.) Yeah? You do remember him? Good. Because that ?s going to be crucial for the rest of this column.

In the movie, Maxwell finally gets the promotion toward which he has been working for years, and in an effort to celebrate whilst still retaining his dignity, borrows a piece of new technology called The Cone of Silence. The idea is that the transparent, soundproof cone will descend over an individual ?s upper body and allow them to carry on top-secret conversations without being overheard. Nothing can get in. Nothing can go out.

I want one of these.

Not the actual one from the movie, because that one was faulty and when Max screamed with joy everyone heard him and he had to saunter back to his seat in abject humiliation.

I want one that works.

The reason I want one is this: sometimes things come at us in life. Unpleasant things: bits of stress, bad news, world events, difficult personal revelations, other peoples ? choices. And I ?ve noticed that the adversary, and sometimes those listening to the adversary, will use those things to piggyback more pain and distress onto us. He ?ll yell at us, tell us there ?s no hope, we ?re failures, others are failures, God doesn ?t love us, etc. Wouldn ?t it be nice to have a Cone of Silence at those times? Except one made out of light and truth. And one that works. I want one that keeps everything bad and negative out, and only lets the good in. I want one that keeps me safe in the Spirit and acts like RainX to the adversary ?s rantings, making them slide right off. I want one that basically tells Satan to “talk to the hand.” But unlike Max ?s cone, once I ?m all filled up with light I want to be able to reach out and give some to everyone around me.

So, I ?m thinking the way to build it is to do what Elder Scott recommended to us in the last general conference: make more out of my personal study. Write it down. Ask if there ?s more. Express gratitude. And maybe if I look for someone to serve each time I ?m down even if it's as simple as just giving them a smile and try to spiritually embrace everyone, including the hardest people in my life, then I'll get my Cone of Silence. I ?m going to visualize it; visualize the light around me like a shield. And then I believe it will actually be there.

That ?s what I ?m going to do. Thanks Maxwell. And Kaos can just slap themselves with a tuna can, 'cause we're going to be fine.