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Jetted Tub Delivered

Jetted TubOur jetted tub was delivered today. Given that it snowed — SNOWED — all morning, the idea of watching a movie while soaking in a steaming hot tub of swirling water didn’t sound half bad.

Last week I did some online research into various jetted tubs and then dropped by a local jetted tub manufacturer. Tubzz made the jetted tub for our last home  and we were very happy with it, so we headed their with our comparisons.

Our specifications were:

  • White color
  • 72″ x 36″ to fit exactly under the picture window in the master bath
  • Rectangle rather than the more common oval, to fit the simple, clean lines in our craftsman-inspired home
  • Slightly reclining back
  • Arm rests on the sides

Tubzz had the perfect fit in the Viking Series III jetted tub. The price was under our tub budget. To make the deal sweeter, they had the exact tub we wanted in the back. It had been custom made and the faucet holes had been improperly drilled. They fixed the hole so well that we could not detect it. And they knocked more off the purchase price.

Let distributors know that you are looking for a deal. You never know what they might have up their sleeves.

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