The sisters in the ward loved each other a lot.
But Ms. Grouch, one of their neighbors, did not.
Ms. Grouch hated service and visiting teaching.
Now please don't ask why, her excuse is far reaching.
It could be that she wasn't taught what was right.
It could be, perhaps, that her shoes were too tight.
But we think the most likely reason of all
May have been that her heart was two sizes too small.

But, whatever the reason, her heart, shoes, or blisters,
She stood in her kitchen just hating the sisters,
Glaring out of her window with a sour grouchy frown
As the sisters went visiting all through the town.
“They're giving a message,” she fumed and she fussed,
“And helping each other from dawn until dusk.”
Then she growled with her grouch fingers nervously tapping,
“I must find a way to stop this from happening.”

Then she got an idea, an awful idea.
Ms. Grouch got a wonderful, awful idea.
“I know just what I'll do!” Ms. Grouch laughed in her throat.
And she put on her tight shoes, her hat, and her coat.
Determined to stop all this visiting cold,
Her thoughts and her actions became rather bold.
Reaching in the mailboxes all lined in a row,
“These Ensigns,” she said, “are the first things to go!

And if I can get hold of their scriptures, too,
They won't have a message, they won't know what to do!
I can mess up their houses or flatten their tires
Or give them car trouble by crossing some wires.
If I can just keep them distracted and busy,
They won't go on visits they'll be in a tizzy!”
So out in the cold with her feet tightly pinched,
She thought of all kinds of mean tricks, the old grinch!

And clutching the Ensigns she limped home (in a flash?!?)
And triumphantly threw them away in the trash.
“Ah Ha!” she chortled from bottom to top,
“All this visiting teaching soon I will stop!”
And settling down to plot and plan more,
Ms. Grouch was startled by a knock at the door.
There stood two sisters with light in their eyes
And in their hands shoes just the right size!

No more pinched feet, and another surprise yet,
They had printed their message from the internet!
She hadn't stopped visiting teaching, it came.
Somehow or another it came just the same.
And Ms. Grouch, with her feet not pinched or tight
Stood puzzling and puzzling it just can't be right!
And she puzzled three hours till her puzzler was sore,
Then Ms. Grouch thought of something she hadn't before

Maybe visiting teaching means a little bit more.
Maybe it's service with love at its core.
And what happened then, well in the ward now they say,
Ms. Grouch's small heart grew three sizes that day.
And the minute her heart (and feet) didn't feel quite so tight,
She served and she loved with all of her might.
She returned all the Ensigns, with smiles and a treat,
And often you'll hear her this lesson repeat:

That sisters are angels sent from heaven above,
And visiting teaching is service with love.