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Homecoming CollegeThis afternoon I came across a website for Calgary apartment rentals. It’s just another throwback to my college years. That’s been kind of a theme today.

This morning was the Brigham Young University homecoming parade with the big football game later tonight. Since both my husband and I are BYU graduates — and (mostly) because our newly married daughter was dancing through the parade with the ballroom dance team — we made an early morning trek down to campus.

Conveniently, Jessica and Chuck have a home right on the parade route. So we sat in the warmth of their apartment, waiting for the first blasts of the police sirens. Then we braved the chilly, rainy weather, waiting for the glorious moment our beautiful daughter danced by. (If you’re not a parent, you’ll think that’s hyperbole. If you are, you’ll realize it’s understatement.)

Afterward, we walked a block away just to see Flinders apartments. When Sam and I were married in 1985, Flinders was our very first home together.

Walking around campus, seeing the students, visiting our first place, drinking hot cocoa with Chuck in their one-bedroom, student apartment — so many memories of a momentous time in our lives. We were poor, we had next to nothing, we lived in a bitty little apartment. But young, happy, and hopeful. Just like my daughter and her husband are. Everything ahead.

These days my “homecomings” are very different. I have a husband whom I know almost better than I know myself. I have six kids and a son-in-law. And we no longer live in a tiny apartment. Oh, and I have wrinkles. But life is still happy and hopeful. And I’m determined it will stay that way.

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  • DiNaRa October 10, 2011, 6:50 am

    I like your last paragraph that life is still pretty and it will always be like this. I don’t like coming back to my university only because I stayed to work there after the gradution and I saw the place from the differen side which I didn’t like so much. Being a student was great, and that’s it.

  • Anna October 16, 2011, 1:54 am

    when young people start their own life it is always difficult and we should get ready for it. Then later everything will settle down and you will only remember all the hardships smiling and feeling wise and experienced.

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