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Fitness DVDI have six kids. That fact alone would almost assure that I not only need a fitness program, but need an efficient and convenient one as well.

Having exercised regularly since I was a teenager, I have amassed myriad ways to fit fitness into my life. As a mom it’s been mostly through the use of jogging strollers (often accompanied by roller blades), home fitness equipment (like my beloved tread mill and adjustable weight set), and a host of exercise DVDs.

Fitness DVDs are a great way to keep exercise interesting. They don’t cost much and yet provide hours of fitness instruction. No longer are you limited to either Jane Fonda or…Jane Fonda. Now you have workout DVDs form every angle imaginable, from kick boxing to circuit training to hip hop to belly dance.

If you’re looking for a new fitness DVD to keep you motivated, check out the huge selection at iNetVideo. They have great prices, so breaking into a sweat won’t break the bank.

Some of my favorite fitness instructors are there. Billy Blank, the Tae Bo guru, is always a fun, quick-paced workout. Kathy Smith— who I swear hasn’t aged in the last 20 years — has a dizzying array of workouts. Even Denise Austin is still alive and kicking (and producing) and Tony Little still has that crazy ponytail. (What the heck, Tony! Get a haircut!) And don’t forget the never-ending The Firm. I still have the first three of these and they are killer weight workouts.

Check out a couple of new fitness DVDs. There are still a few months of swimsuit weather left!

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  • Kelly Lester August 15, 2010, 9:47 am

    Speaking of Tony Little. I got the Tony Little Gazelle (it was an infomercial years ag0) at Sears maybe 6 or 7 years ago (!) and I use it almost every day in front of my TV. Fantastic machine because it’s as hard as you want to make it, depending on how you lean into it… His hair may be nuts, but his machine is fab. I also use kettle bells and a stretchy band for strength and toning. I only do about 1/2 hour a day and I maintain and look good as long as I don’t break out the ice cream, lol. Oh – and if you get this program on your cable TV- I really like Gilad’s workouts on Bodies in Motion…..

  • Alison Moore Smith August 15, 2010, 5:09 pm

    I always wondered if that machine was any good. It looks fun. And if I could look like you, I’d buy the thing in a second. I have three ancient VHS workout tapes of his, abs, legs and such. His style is pretty unique, but it’s actually motivating. I may pull those out when we unpack.

    Bodies in Motion is still on? Are they reruns or is he just an old geezer still swinging his arms in Hawaii? I used to do his workout two decades ago. His sister also had a show (in ESPN I think?). My favorite workout show back in the day was probably Fitness Pros. Kind of a hip hop dance workout. Now that it’s summer, I’m enjoying being outside, but last winter I did a lot of Core Rhythms (a ballroom dance workout) and some Beach Body stuff.

    Now, if only I looked like I work out as much as I do!

  • Alex August 23, 2010, 12:39 pm

    So that machine really works?
    I admit i am quite surprise
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  • Ava March 21, 2011, 12:37 pm

    If I’m not in a gym, I somehow lack the motivation you have to work-out. Though, have you also looked at “On-Demand” on cable? They have some free, short work outs with some esteemed fitness gurus and ones in your area. It’s kind of a cool way to find out what style of work-out you enjoy without having to make the commitment or spend the money and be disappointed.

  • Alison Moore Smith March 21, 2011, 1:52 pm

    Ava, I certainly do know that if I’m in a spinning class I’m more likely to work my backside off than when I’m at home on the treadmill. There certainly is something to the embarrassment factor that keeps you going! But sometimes the extra time/effort to go somewhere before working out can be the nail in the motivational coffin, so to speak. Working out at home usually works out better for me.

    Thanks for the on-demand tip. I’ve not seen that. Sounds like another good resource to put into the mix.

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