Designing your own home is an incredible adventure. It's exhilarating, stressful, time-consuming, exciting, and exhausting — all at once. When we began the process (for the second time), there were many things on our “must have” list:
Home Energy Efficiency

  • Bedroom for each person
  • Guest room
  • Office space
  • Homeschool area
  • Great family kitchen
  • Library
  • Great layout
  • Easy-care yard
  • Playground
  • Spacious garage
  • Lots of storage
  • Energy efficiency

If you read along with the home building process, you know there are plenty of difficulties and ups and downs along the way. Getting all the things you really want in one house can be an overwhelming task (if a luxurious one).

One of the biggest reasons we chose our unusual lightweight foamed concrete construction was to meet our energy efficient requirements. In addition, we got highly insulated windows. Those things have done wonders to keep our costs down. Last summer, while we were still building and before the AC was installed, the home stayed remarkably cool. All the subcontractors commented on how pleasant it was to do finish work in the home because it wasn't an oven inside!

There are so many things you can do to improve the energy efficiency in your home. Unfortunately, most of us aren't experts in the field. Even without that expertise, you can get access to the information through a home energy audit. The audit process is simple. You enter your zip code and select a certified rofessional in your area. They will provide you with a whole house solution to help you reduce your heating/cooling costs and save money.

The Home Energy Team also has lots of free home energy efficiency tips for you. And if you're interested in joining their team of home insulation contractors, contact them directly!

With a few easy changes, you can save energy and cash by making your home more efficient.