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Granite Sinks

Granite SinkDecorating an entire home from the ground up is quite a challenge. There are thousands of parts and pieces that make up a custom home. It can be overwhelming. In the last house, my breaking point was the day the builder asked what kind of thresholds we wanted. This came just two days after choosing all the door hardware and hinges. Were there really threshold choices? Did anyone care?

While we did learn a lot during the last build, one of the challenges of building again is researching all the new products and materials. Like every other industry, construction technology moves quickly.

We’ve chosen the kitchen and kitchenette sinks (all stainless steel). But we’re holding back on the bathroom and laundry sinks until we have time to find out about all the new innovations.

One fabulous sink alternative that we didn’t see in our last build is granite sinks. They are really gorgeous and surprisingly competitive in price.

A granite sink would be a great alternative in many rooms. They are scratch, heat, odor, and stain resistant. They can be undermount or topmount (we much prefer the undermount). And they come in some dramatic colors.

If you’re in the market for a new sink and want something that makes a statement, look at some of the new sink alternatives like granite. Also remember to look for granite remnants as a way to keep costs down.

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  • Anne Moss June 23, 2010, 9:51 am

    I hear ya on the overwhelming part! I am planning a 3 months long road trip in the US these days, and about one month into the plan, I am feeling totally overwhelmed with details! I guess with home decor it’s even more of a problem – as you can’t very well take a break from planning in the middle of it (like I’m doing with our travel plans right now).

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