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Graduate School Test Prep

Our oldest daughter, Jessica, graduated from Brigham Young University in April (just four days before her wedding). As our first homeschool graduate to receive a bachelor’s degree, it was a milestone. We are so proud of her dedication and conscientious work.

This fall she will be starting graduate school, another amazing accomplishment in her life.

Entering post-graduate studies in many disciplines requires an entrance exam. Some examples:

  • GMAT = Graduate Management Admission Test: for those applying to business school
  • GRE = Graduate Record Examinations: for those applying to business or graduate school
  • MCAT = Medical College Admission Test: for those applying to medical school
  • LSAT = Law School Admission Test: for those applying to law school

When I was in high school, I signed up for the ACT, showed up, took the test, and accepted my score. (Fortunately, it allowed me — by simply checking a box on my college application — to get an academic scholarship to the school of my choice.)

Now, the kids study books and courses (that are updated yearly), learn testing tricks, take (sometimes pricey) courses, and then take the test multiple times until they get the score they want/need.

It’s a new world.

If graduate school is in your future, you might consider using a testing service (such as those offered by Veritas Prep) or an online or in-person course (such as those offered by universities) to help you prepare.

There are GMAT classes, LSAT videos, MCAT reviews, and GRE practice tests. Find the kind of course that will best serve you and graduate school could be your next dream fulfilled.

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  • Chester July 13, 2011, 1:18 am

    Congrats to you daughter. I agree that education nowadays are a lot different, tougher and very demanding but with your daughter’s hard work and determination I am sure she will get pleasant scores she ever wanted.

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