Carriage Garage DoorsWe are ready to get bids on the four garage doors for our new home. Please either comment below or contact me via the contact form. We will be selecting the doors as soon as possible.

2 size 8'h x 9'w

1 size 8'h x 10'w

1 size 7'h x 5'w (utility door)

Our specifications are:

  • 3 main doors either carriage style or flush panel
  • Utility door flush panel
  • White steel
  • Insulated
  • Handles only, no hinges or other hardware
  • Keypad on one door
  • Garage door openers on all doors, utility door optional
  • Windows, optional

The tops of the doors are more than twelve inches below the garage ceiling.

I really like the look of the doors in the picture, but realize they are quite expensive. It's the simple, clean style that we'd like to have, not the particular door. Think craftsman-style, flat panel, no curves. Give me your best ideas.

Note: I really, really, really hate the four-high, raised, short- or long-panel, wood-grain doors. Capital “H” hate.