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First Trip to the Temple: Make It Special

One of the truly great honors of my life, was when I was privileged to serve as the escort when a very dear friend received her endowment. I did not expect to experience such until my own daughters were ready to attend.

It was a gorgeous day in Orlando and I treasure it. Since that time I have heard some great ideas that can help ensure that the first day at the temple can be wonderful ?and the start of a beautiful tradition. Should you be escorting someone on this special day, consider incorporating those things that will work for you.

  • Help with the purchase of temple clothing
  • Leave plenty of time, so there is no rushing or its accompanying anxiety
  • Involve supportive family, friends, and ward members
  • Pray often during the day for the Spirit to be with you and others attending
  • Fast before the session
  • Listen to sacred music througout the day and during travel
  • Wear Sunday best clothing
  • Take a camera
  • Celebrate afterwards with a nice dinner
  • Return to the temple soon!
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