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Exchangeable Gift Cards

Popcorn FactoryStumped about what gift to give for a special occasion? FriendGiftr has solved your problem.

Instead of giving a gift that is difficult to return, many people have moved to giving gift cards. But what if you choose a merchant that isn’t useful to the recipient? Problem Solved. Any FriendGiftr card that does not meet the needs of the recipient, can be exchanged — at no extra cost — for any of the 120 merchants in the FriendGiftr pool. Your friend or relative can even split the cost between various merchants in the network.

Living in a neighborhood of large families, we are invited to an average of three wedding receptions each month. It’s always something of a challenge to think of something useful and unique — particularly if the happy couple isn’t registered anywhere. These exchangeable gift cards are a perfect solution to this dilemma. I might purchase a gift card for Pottery Barn, but the couple might prefer to use it for a night at the Marriott. No problem. No extra cost. They simply make the switch and get just what they were looking for.

If you’re looking for convenience, remember that you can use the FriendGiftr service from their site or from FaceBook. You can even access it from an iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android. You can give a physical gift card or a digital gift card, from just about anywhere.

Next time you need a gift, give FriendGiftr a try. It’s works for everyone!

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