Apologies ahead of time Alison if my words have mischaracterized anything you meant 🙂 The pondering your response set in motion was invaluable to me, thank you.

In a recent discussion Alison's response to a statement of mine got me thinking. It really got me thinking.

Is it possible to be equally proud of the child who creates a life that looks like we hope it will and the child who takes a path that looks foreign to what we believe to be right?

In my role as a mother I think I can. Of course there are choices I might want them to make over others. I would consider those things a personal agenda rather than encouraging them to reach their individual potential. I might want them to be something, but God might want them to be something else. Additionally, the something God wants them to be might take a different path to reach than I can perceive or even comprehend. 

I think the act of being equally proud can have a tremendous affect for good in our children's lives. It might even be the missing link for so many that search diligently for acceptance in unhealthy places when their life does not reflect cultural and even doctrinal norms.