Dry WinterI live in Utah. Our official slogan is “the greatest snow on earth.” We hosted the winter Olympics (quite successfully, thanks to Mitt Romney) in 2002. Our governor just announced this week that he's assembled an exploratory committee to review the idea of competing for the Olympics again.

In other words, we do snow very well here, thank you.

This year, however, has seen freakish weather. After a record snow year last year — 300% of normal — mother nature is making up for it this year with a paltry snowfall now under 10% of normal. We've had snow on the ground exactly twice at my house this winter, and even then it wasn't remotely enough to play in.

Getting on toward halfway through February, it's looking like we might not get a single, solid snow dump this year. My college kids like not having to trudge through it on the way to their bus routes, but this is not a good thing for ski fans.