Cement WalkwayThe premature packing and move have put the construction updates way behind. There are a number of things to report.

The back patio and walkway cement was poured months ago, but we still had lots of front yard concrete work to be done.

A few weeks ago the driveway and walkway concrete were poured as well. Brad's crew does great concrete work and the slabs look nice and smooth.

The driveway slopes down to the garage area, but flattens out nicely to provide a perfect area for a basketball court. We cemented the pole slipcover into the pad. When we finish the install, I'll report again and explain what product we used.

Sam designed the front walkway to accommodate the lot slow while making sure it was an easy incline for people to navigate. The straight line and angles really fit with the craftsman style look of the house.

We have a side drive to allow RV parking. We added a personal touch here that just makes me happy. The trick was getting all eight of us (including two college daughters) at the house at the exact time the cement was ready for handprints. We have left our mark. I think it's divine.

Cement Handprints