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Double Garage Floor Poured – Idiot Damages It

Garage FloorA big “thank you” is in order for the curious neighbor who just had to sneak into our house sometime after dark last night. Putting holes across the gorgeous and smooth new concrete that had been poured and finished in the double garage was, I’m sure, worth avoiding the trouble of walking to the back door before you trespassed in our home.

I’m sure you’ll be sending a check to cover your vandalism. I’ll be on the lookout!

I love new homes as much as the next guy (or more!). But I don’t sneak into other people’s homes, finished or not. It’s illegal, it’s harmful (obviously!), and it’s just downright rude.

I learned that lesson when I was seven. Some neighbor boys told me they could get into a house under construction, so we went for an adventure. I fell through the attic to the first floor. My parents paid for all the damage we caused — to the house as well as to my foot. I wonder if our (much older by the size of the print) vandal will be mature enough to take responsibility.

On the bright side, the crew did an amazing job in the garage. I got a picture before above mentioned jerk did his walk through. It was a work of art. Good work, gentlemen.

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  • bbrian017 April 15, 2010, 12:05 pm

    Man I remember stepping and playing in wet cement when I was a kid. I got in so much crap from my mom. I’m assuming she had to pay for the fixes seeing my footprints were all over the place. Sorry to hear about your issue. I bet if karma serves me well it will also happen to me when I build my first home.

    Interesting to know you also did it. I think it’s something many of us may have in common.
    .-= bbrian017 hopes you’ll read What makes us the best blogging community on the web =-.

  • Todd April 16, 2010, 4:28 am


    Sorry to hear about this! 🙁 Was it a kids foot or an adult? What a shame….any plan on the fix? When we build homes for customers it’s so hard keeping people out, we use signs, tape, temp doors..they still get in!
    .-= Todd @ Home Construction & Improvement hopes you’ll read Dust Right Dual Port — Superior Dust Collection =-.

  • Dale July 15, 2011, 7:28 pm

    I’ve seen this happen time and time again… The concrete guys should have have left a simple sign saying, “Wet Cement” near the garage. The sign should be big enough to be seen within 5 feet of the garage entrance, but small enough so kids don’t see it from the street and get funny ideas… Either way, that really stinks!

  • Alison Moore Smith July 18, 2011, 11:59 pm

    Dale, you’re absolutely right. They should have had a sign or at least some tape or something! Of course, people shouldn’t be sneaking into other’s houses, either, but a little precaution could have helped.

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