Collect WatchesWhen I lived in England, an adult friend of ours collected pigs. She had pigs of just about any sort and material you can imagine. She said that wherever she went, people gave her pigs. Not because they were extremely close friends, but because every time they saw any kind of pig, they thought of her. (Wow, that didn't sound complimentary, did it?)

Collected something sounded so fun. I thought and thought about something — anything — that I actually liked enough to collect, that I'd actually like to have fill my home in all its varieties. Finally, I came to the conclusion that I would collect watches!

I started small, with my graduation watch and the 24 karat rolled gold watch of my grandmother's that I had found in a shoebox in my parents basement. Later I added a Christmas watch, a rhinestone watch, a bracelet watch, and a sport watch. I even got a Bill Clinton watch that ran backwards (to appease my conservative side).

Watches are not only functional, but a great fashion accessory. I began looking at elegant Citizen Eco drive watches and scuba dive watches and watches with multiple functions. With my love of jewelry, I had found my perfect collectible.

Then one day, about two years into my watch-buying binge, one by one, the batteries started to run out. Within just a few months, I had an entire drawer filled with nonfunctional watches.

My hobby had turned high maintenance.

The next year, as Sam and I left a bookstore toting bags containing over $600 worth of books, he turned to me and said,”Honey, we collect books.”

And so we did. Now, with a library full of the, we still can't get enough. Batteries not included.