Deer Eating the GardenOne day when we lived on the five-acre lot in Eagle Mountain, I drove up to the garage to find an entire herd of deer in the side yard. There were at least 14 of all sizes. This was not good news for my beautiful square-foot garden planted near the driveway.

Fortunately the deer in that area tended to stay on higher ground, but upon moving to Lindon, we have found that there is enough dense growth to shelter a large number of deer. In fact, the new house is a half block from a deer crossing. It's fun to see the, but we don't want them eating up our vegetable gardens and landscaping!

Havahart offers a deer repellent that may be a good solution. And it not only repels deer, but also rabbits and squirrels. (I used to love squirrels, but when they live in your trees — as they did when we lived in Boca Raton, Florida — they can be a real nuisance.)

Deer Off is called “dual repellant” because it provides both a scent and a taste that repels deer. It is 100% organic and made from rotten egg and garlic scents, combined with hot pepper taste. Yum!

The company offers a battery powered sprayer for large areas. No hose or electrical attachment to mess with.

If you'd like to learn about deer control, check out this page. When we get ready to landscape the yard, I'll be looking at all this info to keep our plants from being ravaged by wild things.