E-Z Block

This evening we got a call from E-Z Block. They are making the lightweight concrete panels that will form the structure for our home. And the have a bunch of our money — half the cost of the first set of panels. The entire build has been waiting on them since the basement was poured January 4.

The panels were finally scheduled to be delivered January 13th. But apparently the man who owns the warehouse they are renting defaulted on the mortgage and they could be evicted at the end of the month. So, rather than leave St. George (and the warehouse) and spend the time here to train the crew on installation, he wants to finish manufacturing all the materials for the entire house and then bring them here all at once, so prevent a possible delay if he has to move his business.


We're told that's a two-week delay – after we've already waited a week doing nothing on the house. That's two more weeks of rent and two more weeks of interest. And all the other work gets shifted, with myriad ramifications.

Let's hope there are no more issues with this.