Concrete Basement FloorsToday the concrete basement floors were poured! Few things are more exciting to two little boys that a cement mixer shooting rocks and goo out of a tube. So we bundled up in our snow gear and headed to the building site. And we watched the amazing concrete crew in action.

The team poured the cement over the miles of radiant floor tubing. It was exciting to see our future basement floors take shape, literally. They poured and troweled and floated the heavy mixture, wearing their knee-high boots, until it was smooth and gorgeous. A few hours later, when it had hardened somewhat, they were to come back and work the concrete by hand.

They made it look easy, but I know it is not. And they did it in near freezing weather. The whole chilly outing made me most grateful that:

  1. I work indoors where it is warm
  2. Skilled tradesman are willing to work outdoors

It was such a big step to see the basement cement poured. With just a few basement floor drains and pipes sticking out of the vast expanse of concrete with some evidence of load-bearing walls, it's starting to look serious. There is a solid foundation waiting for the house to be built up around it.

We can hardly wait for the next step.

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