Snowman GlassesNext week I'll be getting an eye exam. I have to finally admit that I can't see as well as I need to. OK, and I want to use up every ounce of my insurance benefit before the year ends. Still, I'm doing the right thing. Finally.

I really want to get some lenses that look good. Some people really look great in glasses. I don't want to be one of those people who looks completely dorky. Or who every laughs when looking at pictures years later. (Maybe that part is inevitable?)

So, I'm scouring the internet for great eyeglasses. Ideally, I'll find a couple of versatile, attractive frames at an affordable price.

Temple BarSince it's almost Christmas, I thought I'd share with you another fun pair of Christmas glasses. Snowmen and pine trees adorn the temple bars of these fabulous frames. Come on, how great is that?

While I might suggest that Zenni glasses are so inexpensive that you'll have money left over to buy more loot to go under the tree, instead I'll suggest you buy a second pair. More fashion choices and great looks, right?

Let me know if you find some great frames. I'm on the lookout. And