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Central Vacuum Cleaner Installed

Central Vacuum CleanersLast June — after doing extensive research on central vacuum cleaners — we selected Al Nielsen to install our central vacuum. I’m so glad we did! Al is friendly, easy-going, polite, and professional. He shows up when he says he will and does what he says he’ll do. And then he charges the agreed upon price.

Sure, vacuums aren’t the most complex pieces of machinery. But there are many brands and styles of central vacuum cleaners and each works a little differently. Al actually made an appointment with us, came by our home this afternoon, and took us on a complete introductory tour to the features and maintenance of our new Vacuflo central vacuum and the Vroom. To be honest, it was very helpful. There are lots of little things we would not have noticed.

If you live in Utah and are looking at central vacuum cleaners, please give Al Nielsen a call. You’ll be treated fairly and honestly and you’ll get a great system for your home.

Interior Built-In Systems
Al Nielsen
PO Box 1281
Provo, Utah 84603

If you’re looking for a great regular vacuum, you can get 10% off an online order.

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  • SueBee October 27, 2010, 6:38 pm

    Lucky you. I’ve always wanted one!

  • Kim October 28, 2010, 9:44 am

    We had a central vacuum put in when we built our home. I like it most of the time but the installers pretty much lied about what it could do and the power head thing is a piece of junk. Wish it were better quality.

  • Alison Moore Smith October 28, 2010, 11:02 am

    Kim, I feel your pain. Our last central vacuum system wasn’t too bad, but the tool set was, as you said, a piece of junk. The power heads literally fell apart in short order.

    We also had great trouble with the company because they also installed our intercom and security systems. We were told the intercom could handle the number of units we wanted — but it really couldn’t. It covered only part of the house and even then the units were daisy-chained and kludged together so that the feedback was terrible and require turning some rooms off entirely. The intercom would suddenly turn on the radio — full blast — in the middle of the night, etc. On the security system, the motion sensors never, ever worked. The cameras worked sporadically, and the smoke detector system, went off randomly (again, multiple times in the middle of the night) and would not turn off. Try having an alarm system blaring through your entire house for two hours beginning at 3:00 am. (Read that: migraine.) That, also had to be disabled. Disabling your fire alarm system is not a good idea.

    Frankly, the contrast between the last company and Interior Built-In was a pleasant surprise.

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