Central VacuumWho knew choosing a vacuum could be so stressful? With a central vacuum, you're pretty much committing for life, so it carries long-term consequences.

When we built our last custom home we found out — the hard way — how painful those consequences can be. We choose a company that will not be named to install our vacuum, intercom, and security system. On each project they oversold and under-delivered. By a mile. None of the systems had the promised setup, functionality, or performance. So I was determined to get a good price on a system that actually works — and with attachments that won't fall apart in three months.

As I wrote earlier, I really wanted the Hide-A-Hose system because it would resolve the hose lugging annoyance factor. But it turns out that cool system just about doubles most bids. And in the configuration I wanted (one Hide-A-Hose per floor, each with a tool kit), it put the price well over budget. In the end, I decided that the convenience wasn't worth the added cost and added maintenance risk.

We choose Interior Built-In Systems. Al Nielson was very helpful and had good, cost-saving suggestions. The system we chose is much simpler, but still meets our needs. We are getting:

  • 1 Vacuflo model 566Q
  • 3 tool kits (30′ hose, bare floor, rug tool, crevice too, dusting brush, floor mop)
  • 3 turbine powerheads
  • 8 inlet valves, single volt
  • 2 garage valves
  • 1 garage tool kit
  • 1 Vroom

Interior Built-In Systems doesn't have a web site (I know!), but you can still reach Al the old fashioned way. (He does have an iPad, so he's headed in the right direction!)

Interior Built-In Systems
Al Nielsen
PO Box 1281
Provo, Utah 84603

I'd also like to give a shout out to the other three company representatives who:

  1. Put up with my myriad questions for well over a week
  2. Were helpful and responsive
  3. Did their best to spec multiple options

Tom Pigsley
AVC Lifestyles

Reed Snarr
Reed's Built-Ins

Jerry Bickmore
Hearth & Home

If a central vacuum isn't in your future, you can get a great vacuum and all the accessories you need and 10% off your order online!