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Boost Your Mobile Minutes

Boost Mobile Re-BoostBoost Mobile has an interesting program called Re-Boost. The most difficult thing about Re-Boost is figuring out what it is! If you go to the Re-Boost area on BoostMobile’s site, it doesn’t give you any clues.

Googling for some information, the most thorough description came from the meta description tag. It says this:

Re-Boost®: it’s how you add money to your account. You decide exactly how and where you want to pay no matter what plan you’ve got. You’re in control. Have a credit/debit card or bank account? It’s easy—and it’s anytime/anywhere. Want to use cash? No problem. We have thousands of Re-Boost retailer locations. Visit Boostmobile.com and click on Re-Boost to learn more.

Ah. So Re-Boost is kind of a mobile phone minutes refilling service.

Boost Mobile has certainly made it easy and convenient to give your phone more calling juice. As per above, you can pay in person at one of their retail locations, but you can also pay online or by phone with a debit or credit card. You can even sign up for automatic payments. Best of all, you can have someone else pay your bill. I like that option the best. (Anyone want to volunteer to pay my phone bill?)

Boost Mobile offers a number of phones, including the uber-popular Blackberry. And if you’re a social media fan, rest assured that Boost Mobile’s phones are ready to help you stay updated on FaceBook and Twitter.

If you’re in the market for a new phone/service, check out Boost Mobile and their convenient Re-Boost program.

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