ToysOver the past many months I've share with you our all-time favorite toys. These aren't sales pitches, they are (as always) my absolutely from-the-heart, honest opinions after 22+ years of mothering and 22+ years of buying toys β€” some that were hits and some that were a waste of money and space! Here's a consolidated list of our favorite toys.

As I write this, two of my kids are upstairs playing with the train and action figures I wrote about. And that is pretty much the status in our home whenever the kids are awake. Just add to the list below a box of old dress-ups and playhouse stuff, a handful of toy weapons (I can hear the light sabers going, too), and a good dose of imagination, and you've got an amazing playroom setup.

Here is a one-stop post for the best toys for endless hours of fun and creativity and the biggest bang for your toy buck.

Let us know what other toy categories you like most and why!