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Best Toys: GeoTrax Railroad

Geotrax Grand Central StationA few years ago one of our boys asked for the Fisher-Price Geotrax Rail and Road System Grand Central Station for Christmas. Although we’d never heard of it, we looked into it. We liked what we saw.

GeoTrax is a battery-powered, remote-controlled railroad train system. It comes in a large set with the big Grand Central Station, Aero engine and two detachable cars, three people, a chunk of cargo, controller and 14 pieces of track. (It requires 6 AAA batteries.) It’s rated as suitable for ages 36 months to six years but — my kids who are way older have fun with it. (I will refrain from mentioning ages to protect their reputations.)

As usual, I first checked the ratings and reviews I found online. Almost universally they were positive. Another important factor to me is that even young children could reconfigure the pieces and run the train. It isn’t hard to place correctly on the track and the remote is simple.

Since we value toys with long-term playability, the fact that this train set is almost endlessly expandable was the deciding factor. You can get huge add-ons like the GeoTrax Mega Set. Or you can just add another train or a railroad track set — or anything in between.

Just as we’d hoped, the GeoTrax railroad has been a hit with our kids. They’ve spent hours and hours setting it up in new ways and on multiple birthdays and Christmases they’ve asked for additional pieces.

We highly recommend the GeoTrax Rail and Road system for years of fun.

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