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Best Toys: GeoTrax GeoAir

GeoAir Mega SetLast month I wrote about the amazing GeoTrax Railroad. Remember what I said about expandability. I’m not just talking about more tracks. Fisher-Price has done the add-on one better.

Part of the GeoTrax family is the fabulous GeoAir! Picture a toy train in airplane form with a track that loops through the sky, to the airport, under bridges and through barn doors.

Going for the shock and awe—as Santa is wont to do—Christmas for Caleb featured the amazing GeoAir Mega Set. Complete with airplane, remote, pilot, High-Flyin’ Airport, Blast-Through Barn, Fly By Bridge, and a bunch of flight track, this was a hit. Each piece connects to the GeoTrax Railroad for a seamless play set.

As with the GeoTrax Railroad, the GeoAir is durable, easy-to-use, and expandable.

We are just waiting for GeoWaterway, GeoFreeway, GeoSegway, GeoWhatever. We’ll be adding it to the set!

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