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Rental ApartmentWhen Sam and I married in 1985, the cutting edge way to find an apartment was to go to the university (we were both students) housing office and shuffle through a recipe card box of offerings. The trick was, then, to rush to the unit while beating other couples desperately in search of married student housing.

Today, there are great online sources for locating an apartment that suits you. Recently I wrote about luxury rentals. But perhaps that’s not on your list right now. Are you looking, perhaps, for an apartment to rent? If so, the process is now much more streamlined!

MyStudioApartments has pulled listings from many sources to bring you a substantial selection of studio apartments all across the country. The site design is clean and the site easy to navigate. You can choose a location, specify maximum and minimum rental rates, and select from a studio up to a six bedroom. The company specializes in small, studio apartments.

While checking out the site, I found 14 rentals in my area. That’s saying something, because as one of the smaller states, sometimes we get overlooked.

If you’re in need of some rental assistance, HUD has lots of answers. Particularly check out the pages on fair housing, tenants rights, ten tips every tenant should know, renter’s insurance, and read the buying vs. renting guide.

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